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June 04 2008
Posted by christelle  [ 08:23 ]
Future Wife Were were teenagers when we met. THe first thing I remember about her was her sexy legs. That was the first part I saw of her as she came over to visit my sister. It didn't take long for me to learn her name and learn she had moved in the neighborhood. I guess you could say it was love at first sight.

Over the course of the next few months we kidded around with each other and did alot of the usual young teenager things. After several months in the relationship things began to get a little more serious. It started with the usual things like kissing and touching but never did proceed much beyond that because we both were alittle scared of going to far.We had been dating for about a year when things really began to heat up. We use to love to go to the drive in theater. As most of the teenagers then we would park in the back rows. And as usual most of the windows would be too fogged up to see into any of the cars. It was durning these times that we began to go a little farther with our relationship. It would be things like playing with her tits and feeling each other up alot. Gradually we began to get braver and there would be fewer clothes and more exploring. When she was undressed she was a gorgeous looking thing of beauty. Her nice round firm tits. Shapely legs nice ass and a sexy looking pussy with a nice triangular bush. Kissing her tits and slowly moving down her belly to her pussy became a the most daring thing we had ventured to do .

The first night I ran my tongue over her clit she shivered with the feeling. I took it into my mouth and sucked on it and she began to hump up against my face. I loved sucking and eating her pussy and could suck on her for hours. The first night we had sex we were both naked in the car and I was laying on top of her kissing when she reached down and guided the head of my cock to her opening. Looking into her eyes I asked if she wanted it and she said If you do. Slowly I began to push and suddenly the head popped in and she let out a gasp. Taking it slow at first my cock slowly began to enter her until it was all the way in. Slowly we began to fuck until we were both were so turned on that we begant o fuck faster and faster. Not wanting to get her pregnant when it was time to cum I pulled out and shot my load all over her stomach. We both had huge orgasims.After that night we were both hooked and it didn't take long before we were trying to make up for lost time. We would have sex every chance we could in some of the most unusal places. I would pick her up at her house to go out and she would come out wearing more and more revealing things. One night I picked her up and she came out in this cute little thin dress. With the light from the door behind her it was easy to see through the dress and tell that she was not wearing anything underneath. Well I got a huge hard on just seeing that. Getting into the car when she sat on the seat and swung her legs into the car I could see all the way up to her hot pussy. On the drive to the theater I began to run my hands up her legs and the dress rode up higher and higher. It wasn't long her dress was up above her pussy and she had spread her legs slightly to allow me to finger her as we drove down the road. If anyone pulled along side it wouldn't take much for someone to look down into the car and see her teenage pussy being fingered.

As things progressed in our relationship over the next year or so we I finally asked her if she wanted to get married. And she said yes in no time at all. Prior to getting married I moved into a little house we had rented. Now our nights were spent at home most of the time which made it easy to have sex as much as we wanted. To this point whenever we had sex I would always pull out and never cum inside of her pussy because she didn't want to get pregnant before we got married. Besides that she was affraid of what her mom would think if she did get pregnant. Finally one night while we were having sex she whispered to ne that she didn't want me to pull out. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes." I want to feel what its like to feel you cumming in me."I asjed if she was sure sice she was not on birth control and she said yes please. As we began to fuck faster and faster we both became more excited as the moment drew closer. When the moment arrived I shoved it all the way deep inside of her and we both began to cum together. WHen she felt the first eruption of cum hitting the back of her pussy she began to have another wave of orgasims as she begged for more of the life giving seed that was filling her fertile pussy.

After that there was no stopping us. THe year after we got married out daughter was born. We still had sex whenever and wherever we could.And the thing that really turned her on more tha anything was being watched. She didn't care who saw us. We ended up being seen by her sister, friends, strangers, you name it. She became a regular exhibitonist. Flashing truckers when driving down the road or wearing short skirts and letting total strangers see up her skirt and see nothing there. After Our daughter was born she loved he feeling of having her pussy shaved smooth so she would keep it like that so there was nothing to hide when someone saw her.

We are now in our 40's and our sex life has not slowed down a beat. We have tried threesomes swinging you name it. And I for one am happy as can be.
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May 23 2008
Posted by christelle  [ 07:02 ]
The Matriarch The Morning sun had yet to break over the horizon. The clouds of last night’s rain were slowly beginning to break apart to allow the glow of the dawn to create shadows of the two men standing across the street from the house they watched.
“Is it true?” the younger man spoke quietly. “Is today their wedding day?”
“Aye, Ladd.” The older man replied softly with a deep voice. “We shall have to keep watch from a distance. They are to not know of our presence unless we have no other choice.”
The two men drifted away from the area at a slow gate as the sun poked through the clouds and shone down upon the open windows.

She regained her senses with the realization that she was feeling a warm pulse of manhood between her legs. She could feel his erection pumping sperm deep into her womanhood. She aimed her nipples toward him. They were aching for him to touch them. She glanced behind him and saw her bridal gown gently hanging next to a collection of Polaroid photographs of her nubile body. As he rolled onto his back, she rode his hips, determined to keep his erection firmly planted inside herself. She felt his warm tongue on her nipples as she reached for her bra hanging from the headboard above him. She caught herself thinking if she really needed her bra today, while she remained impaled on top of him.

“That settles it, just stay-ups today,” She spoke to herself. She was not going to wear any other undergarments today. Her breasts were plentiful enough to fill the bodice of her gown. She looked at her silk bridal suit and wondered if the material was heavy enough to hide her erect nipples from the gaze of others. Only she would know that beneath her waistline, her gown would be hiding her clean-shaven vulva. The silk panties she was going to wear would remain behind.

“If we’re going to the church we had better be getting dressed,” she stated. “There’ll be plenty of time for a quickie after the ceremony.” As she raised herself from his dwindling erection his sperm began running down the inside of her thigh.

“I’ll see you at the church in a couple of hours.” She remarked as she strutted towards the shower and began thinking of having his erection back inside of her. She showered herself quickly and paid attention to the swollen lips of her vulva, knowing how many times he had ejaculated inside of her. She was thinking how many hours it would be before she could be having intercourse again. She felt the need to have sex as often as 3 or 4 times in a single day. She knew masturbation never completely satisfied her nearly as much as having an orgasm while a man was ejaculating inside of her. She turned off the water and walked past the towel rack, towards the bedroom. He was already gone. Her wet hair began shedding droplets that ran down her back and between her breasts. The water seemed to be trying desperately to extinguish the fire between her legs.

“Dam him anyway!” she muttered to herself as she glanced at the clock.
“I’ll just have to give his cock another work-out later.” she continued to watch the clock as she began brushing her long blonde hair. 20 minutes later her wet hair was transformed into a virginal coiffure that ran half way down her back. She quickly donned her gown and zipped up the back. No one, not even her parents would suspect that she had been engaged in sexual activity. She felt vaguely aware of a familiar feeling as she adjusted her breasts inside their silk bodice. Her nipples instantly became erect when she realized what she felt on her breasts.

“Oh! That bastard!” she exclaimed. He had wiped his sperm all over the inside of the top of her gown and it was now too late for her to do anything about it. She could feel his sperm as every time she moved, it spread across her nipples and caused them to remain completely erect. The first time she had ever noticed this phenomenon, she had discovered a used condom on the floor of her sister’s bedroom. Knowing that her sister would have been in deep trouble if their mother had discovered it, she had quickly hidden the sperm filled condom between her breasts. Their mother had entered the bedroom at the same moment as she had accidentally released the contents of the condom inside the confines of her bra.

“She’s nicking my stuff again, mom,” she had stated and she quickly scooped up the hairbrush her sister had borrowed with out asking and had departed for her room when she noticed her left breast had begun to gently ache. Upon arriving behind the closed door of her own room she examined her bra-encased mammaries more closely. The remaining sperm held within the used condom, she spread evenly upon her right breast and discovered her nipples quickly engorged themselves the same amount. It seemed logical to her to assume that male sperm excited her nipples but also caused her vagina discomfort. She found that she got horny with even one drop of sperm touched her ample cleavage.

So here she was now, dressed in her wedding gown, wearing just a pair of stay-ups underneath, her boobs clearly disclaiming that she was horny, and only one way for her to be satisfied. The latex encased vibrator in her bedside table was all she had on hand. Luck seemed to find her today, she had just managed to thrust the vibrator inside herself when her sister knocked on the door and entered her room.

“Ready to go Sis?” her sister asked as the hem of her gown cascaded to the floor.
“Almost” she replied. “Help me with my veil?” Her sister reached over to help her adjust her veil on top of her head when she noticed she’d left the bedside table drawer open.
“Feeling a little excited are you?” her sister asked coyly.
“No, why?” she lied trying to hide her building orgasm.
“Because the last time your nipples were this big, it was before you’d spent a few hours in the boy’s locker room after the big game.” Her sister stated as fact.
“What am I going to do?” she asked. “You know full well that it’ll be a couple of hours before they settle down again.”
“You can’t wear a bra with this gown because it’ll ruin the look,” her sister stated. “How about just frigging yourself off, before you go downstairs?”
“A few more minutes and my vibrator will have me Cumming in buckets. Before he left he wiped his cock inside my gown and now it’s all over my boobs!” she wept.
“You know it’ll be poetic justice, ‘cause when he sees how excited you are, he’ll be running out of room in his trousers for sure.” Her sister joked. At that same moment an orgasm flooded over her. Her sister helped her remain standing while she began to regain control of her body. She quickly reached between her thighs and switched the vibrator off. She decided to leave her dildo inside herself for two reasons. The first was in case she needed it again. The second was so that the moisture from within her sex didn’t spread too quickly and stain the top of her stay-ups. The two of them departed her bedroom and headed down the hall.
“You know something, sis? Walking with a dildo inside of you feels really weird.” She stated.
“I know exactly what you mean, sis. Just think, you’ll have the real thing back inside you before the day is finished.” Her sister scoffed.
“It just doesn’t seem fair, though.” She remarked as she tried hard not to think about fucking her brains out again. ”Being a couple of nymphomaniacs isn’t easy to hide from mom or dad.”

“Mom knows.” Her sister spat. “And dad pretends not to notice. Haven’t you ever wondered why mom and dad always had really good carpet and insulated doors on their room?”
“You mean Mom is the same as we are?” she asked shocked.
“Of course she is, she told me that the only time she wasn’t having Dad fuck her silly was when she has us growing inside of her.” Her sister stated. “If you notice, mom’s not wearing any knickers today either, and I’m quite sure that dad’s already noticed the same fact too.”
“Kewl!” she shrieked. “Planning on having your man fuck your brains out too?”
“Having a quickie in the pastor’s office is family tradition! What do you think took us so long after signing our licence!” Her sister giggled.
“You’re joking?” she asked shocked.
“Never joke about that. You could say the pastor blessed our consummation.” Her sister quipped”
It was from that point on that the day seemed to start spinning wildly out of control. First, knowing how horny she was, and second knowing that her sister and mother had no doubts she was horny. Thirdly her dad smirking, knowing that he too knew exactly what she, her sister and mother already knew. The only person who didn’t suspect anything was the groom, but he was going to find out really soon. The ride to the church seemed to take forever and the three women sat in the back of the car and giggled like a bunch of teenagers. As they neared the church she deftly reached between her legs and handed the dildo to her sister.
“I really don’t think I’ll need this anymore today.” She quipped.
“Since you’ve never wanted to share before, this a perfect time to find out if he’s going to keep you happy, sis.” While her mother looked at them both, her sister hid the dildo between her own thighs.
“Now girls,” their mother winked. “Keep it down and behave.”
“OK, mom.” They sang in unison. Her mom and sister left the car quickly as her dad had opened the door. She glided out of the car door as though wings began to carry her forward. Her dad held out his arm as they began walking up to the doors.
“Your Gran is waiting off the hall to talk to you before I walk you down the isle.” He said to her as he opened the door of the church.
“Oh?” she asked as she passed the door’s portal.
“She did the same for your sister on her day too.” He announced. “Better be off to see her, I’ll wait right here for you.”
“Thanks, dad.” She replied as she shuffled over to the door off the hall.
“Come in my dear. I’ve been waiting for you.” Said her grandmother from behind the door. She entered the small room and gave her grandmother a huge hug.
“Sit down my dear, I have much to tell you with so little time left.” Her grandmother said with a knowing smile.
“Today was chosen specifically as your wedding day because today marks the twenty seventh generation that the pastors office has been used by the women of our family to consummate their marriage.” Her grandmother stated with glee. “All your aunts and great aunts, myself, your mother, your cousins and your sister have all done what you are about to do.”
“Gran?” she gulped.

“My dear, when I was your age, I didn’t even know they had a word for it. All of us can control our bodies’ for a short while, but as women, we need our men to keep us satisfied. Their sperm keeps us feeling young and vibrant. We are all the same. It is time that you too know what we know and it is my pleasure to inform you. I also tell you that your mother will do the same for your daughter as you will do for your grand daughter. Just as my Gran did for me and my mom did for your mom. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Let on nothing to your man. Let him think that it is him and only him you do this for. Give him the gift of yourself today and the soonest you can is as soon as you’ve both become man and wife. Being highly aroused is nothing to be ashamed of, nor hide from your man. Tomorrow, all of us women will meet in the great hall together and we will share some of our experience with you so that you too will learn how not to be a slave to your body. After the reception tonight, I expect you two will have made it as far as a bedroom at the Hotel I recommended to you when you were planning your wedding. It’s the same room your sister and mom had too.” She winked.
“It’s our secret that only we women speak of and our daughters only know of on their wedding day. Ever wondered why your mom seemed to know things about you before you did?” Gran asked.
“It seemed a little weird, but yes, Gran.” She replied.
“She knew because I told her. We’ll talk more about it tomorrow. Today is your wedding day. Time to go. I’ll leave you with your father. Off we go now.” Stated her grandmother and they departed the small room. She quickly noticed that her Grandmother was similarly attired as she was. Her Grandmother’s hips swayed gently as she took her grandfather’s arm and headed down the isle to their seats.

“I am so horny right now.” She muttered under her own breath. Her gown’s material shifting as she walked towards her father’s arm. She felt her breasts bouncing gently as she became even more aware of how wet her loins were becoming. She glanced at the mirror next to the door. She was greeted by a familiar vision, seeing her nipples straining against the soft material of her bodice. She remembered the bliss she had achieved a few hours ago, and smiled while thinking about doing the same thing again soon. She clutched her father’s arm, her mind racing as erotic sensations ran down her belly. The sleeve of her father’s suit brushed against her fully erect nipples, as the wedding march began to play. She felt as though she was completely nude, her womanhood on display for every one to see as she walked towards the altar and the man who was waiting there for her. The only thing she seemed to be able to think of at this moment was wrapping her legs around her man as her hips thrust against him.

“We are gathered here today to witness the union of matrimony. Who here speaks for the bride and presents her?” The Pastor spoke to all in attendance.
“I do.” Her father stated proudly.
“And who here speaks for the Groom?”
“I do.” The best man announced. Her father ushered her forward and offered her hand as the best man escorted the groom to accept his bride’s hand. The Pastor wrapped a silken belt around their wrists ceremoniously binding them together. The remainder of the ceremony seemed to take almost no time at all. The bride and groom faced each other as they recited their vows to each other. She noticed her groom seemed to be trying desperately to compose himself. She noticed his growing hard-on straining against his trousers. A few minutes more she thought. A few minutes more and she’d have his full length disappearing inside her body. The Pastor loosened the silken belt for the placing of rings. Her groom placed her ring gently on her finger. The simple band was unadorned except for a single inscription on the inside of the band.
“Until the day we are reborn” she spoke to her groom in Latin. The same words inscribed inside both their rings. The words she spoke completed her vows. Their hands rejoined once again and the silken belt once more bound their wrists. His other hand rested on top of her’s displaying his ring to her. The Family coat of arms inscribed in the simple gold band was the same as every other husband’s ring in the room, with the exception of her grooms. Their rings had been made specially. The simple Latin scroll had been chosen as a symbol of her great grandmother’s sanction of the union. She would later present herself and her husband for a final blessing of their union in the great hall later this afternoon. The ceremony was now complete. She took her new husband’s arm and allowed herself to be led towards the pastor’s office. The pastor’s robes flowed around him as he escorted the newly weds to the chamber ahead. She brushed her breasts against her husband’s arm as they entered the chamber.

The sparsely furnished office held a high wing back chair and a simple wooden desk. On the desk lay their marriage licence, a bottle of ink, and a single quill. The pastor motioned to her to sit and she sank into the soft folds of the chair. Her husband opened the inkbottle, dipped the quill and offered it to her. As she leaned forward to sign the document, her breasts came to rest upon the top of the desk. She became acutely aware of how heavy her breasts were now that the strain of carrying them was taken by their position on the tabletop. The document held both their names and today’s date. At the bottom of the document, beside which she was to leave her signature, bore her Family Crest. She elegantly scrolled her name upon the paper and offered the quill back to her husband. Her husband dipped the quill once again and bent forward to sign his name underneath her’s. She wasted no time taking advantage of the situation with him bending forward slightly to run her hand, which was hidden from the pastor’s view, upon the crease of his trousers. She found his erection growing within her hand. Her husband shifted the paper across the desk to the pastor with out moving. The pastor examined the completed document briefly.

“I’ll be a few minutes while I file this with the church secretary.” He stated. The pastor quickly bowed to them both before exiting the chamber and closing the door behind him.

“For a moment, I thought he was going to stay and watch.” She giggled, as she freed her husband’s full erection from it’s prison and impaled her lips upon it. A groan of pleasure escaped his lips as her hands massaged his buttocks. Resting his hands upon her shoulders, she licked the entire length of his shaft with her tongue. A fire began to erupt between her thighs and she felt a familiar yearning to have him thrusting himself within her body. She stood up quickly, leaving his erection pointing directly at herself. To her complete surprise her gown sank to the floor. She had not noticed his experienced hands had unzipped her gown, and she now stood completely exposed to him. The two of them passionately embraced each other and she leaned back towards the desk.

“Time for your quickie, sweetheart.” She purred.
“It’s not going to be that quick,” he grunted, as his erection met little resistance from her wet and swollen vagina. “I slipped the pastor a tip to take a little longer downstairs. It’ll give us more time than we had together this morning.” She continued returning his thrusts, meeting against one another in unison. She knew he wouldn’t last long, and she was right. She felt a warm sensation began to fill her womb, triggering her orgasm.
“Don’t stop darling.” She cooed. “ Keep going, pump me completely full of cum.” As his orgasm continued, she felt every pulse of his cock filling her with his sperm. She felt her own orgasm begin to subside as a small pool began to form on top of the desk beneath her.
“I’m going to cum again, keep fucking me.“ She whispered. She didn’t hear the door open, nor did she see the pastor and secretary standing in the doorway. She only felt a monumental orgasm overtake her.

When she regained her senses, she realised a pair of lips was sucking on each of her nipples accompanied by a third pair of lips kissing her gently and blowing on her engorged clit. She looked past the heads of her husband and the pastor to see the secretary’s eyes gazing back at her. The secretary’s tongue was licking every drop of her husband’s cum from inside of her. The secretary stood up and shed her clothes. Both her and the secretary had completely clean-shaven bodies. The secretary’s breasts begged for her to touch them. She stood up and they kissed each other. The pastor sat down in the chair and her husband moved behind her and sat down on the desk. She felt his hands on her hips and felt the tip of his erection between her thighs.

“I want you to watch.” She spoke to the secretary and she guided her husband’s erection into herself, she could see the secretary watching her husband’s testicles drawing closer to the lips of her bald vulva. The secretary bent forward between her legs and licked her clit as she rose and fell on her husband’s full length.

“I want you to fuck me with your tongue.” She declared to the secretary.
“Fuck me while she licks your cum from my pussy.” She demanded from her husband. He needed no further encouragement. She became blissfully aware of her husband’s cum beginning to fill her again.
“YES! YES! YES!” she gasped. A flood of sperm and her own orgasm flowed from within her. Her husband’s arms wrapped around her as the force of her orgasm left her head spinning slightly. She had a feeling of complete refreshment and satisfaction. She reached between her legs and gently squeezed her husband’s testicles.
“Very nice.” She quipped. “Gives all new meaning to bearing witness.”
“We’d better be off, before your guests wondered if you’ve skipped out the back door on them.” Stated the pastor jokingly. As the pastor quickly turned she noticed that the pastor had an erection and must be wearing nothing beneath his robes. Her husband was tucking his shirt into his trousers as she noticed his cock had been licked clean by the secretary. The secretary herself was standing nude before her, holding her gown for her. She slipped her gown back on and the secretary zipped her up. She turned and kissed the secretary passionately. She felt the secretary’s hands on her breasts as she slipped her fingers between the secretary’s thighs. The two of them broke apart and smiled sweetly at the two men. She grabbed the secretary’s skirt off the floor and held it for her to slip into. It turns out that neither woman had worn undergarments. She stepped back a few paces and turned to all three of them.

“Let’s all do this again soon.” She giggled. Her breasts bounced against the confinement of her gown. The secretary was finishing buttoning her blouse when she noticed the huge cum stain on the top of the desk. Both of them seemed to be thinking the same thing at the same time. They both bent over and started licking sperm off the top of the highly polished desk.

“Tastes delicious.” The secretary grinned, “I bet there’s more where that came from.” As she turned and opened the door. The four of them quickly headed back towards the chapel. The Pastor opened the chapel door and she found the chapel deserted. She stopped briefly at the altar and passionately kissed her husband before she took his arm and they headed towards the outer doors.

“How long were we in there?” she whispered.”
“I haven’t the faintest idea.” He replied. “It can’t have been too long, everyone’s waiting outside to pelt us with confetti.”
“Let’s be off then, we can continue where we left off later.” She whispered sensually in his ear.
“What have you two been doing?” boomed her grandmother’s voice from behind her.
“We’ll talk later, Gran.” She winked. She felt like she’d just been caught sneaking in after being out all night. She could feel a blushing heat radiating from every part of her from the instant she’d heard her grandmother’s voice.

“A moment my dear before your guests receive you.” Her Grandmother’s calm voice demanded. She slipped from her husband’s arm and hurried to the room she had been with her grandmother before the ceremony had begun. She quietly turned the lock on the door behind them.
“Gran, I know we took far too long but it’s not my fault and I’m really sorry if I’ve disappointed you.” She blurted out in one breath.
“Relax, dear, relax.” Calmly replied her grandmother. “It seems you needed some extra time to sign your licence. I sensed you might have been a little nervous, and I was right. You seem much more relaxed now. Enjoyed yourself, did you?”
“Yes, I did, several times.” She winked. “How long were we gone, Gran?”
“Almost half an hour I daresay. The secretary informed me of your brief rest after you finished signing your licence.”
“But Gran!” she whispered, “I fucked my brains out and the secretary, well, she loved all that sperm dripping from me.”
“My dear, I do hope I will be able to teach you how to pass information with out being quite so graphic. I know full well what transpired.” She stated with the same calm voice. “Your sister will be furious that you not only took longer than she did, but had more than one witness on hand. I daresay you managed to clean the desk well. Nothing better for buffing a polished surface than a silk stocking.” She felt her previous blush radiate once more.
“My dear, you really are a blushing bride!” her grandmother laughed.
“Something for you.” And her grandmother handed her a silk thong and garter. “Better put this on now. You may not have a chance to later. Everybody doesn’t need to see your bare bottom before your husband removes your garter.”
“Thanks Gran.” She replied as she hugged her grandmother. “Help me with my dress?”
“Of course my dear, but let’s hurry.” Her grandmother calmly commanded. “Your husband is waiting.” She quickly ran the garter up her right leg. She trembled slightly as the pure silk of the thong came to rest and covered the space between her legs.
“This feels weird, Gran. It’s been ages since I’ve worn panties. I can’t even stand to wear shorts or pants anymore.” She stated.
“We’ll talk more about the importance of your choice in knickers tomorrow. Your husband is waiting, remember?” calmly reminded her grandmother.
“But Gran, wasn’t it you who said, be elegantly late?” she asked.
“The only day it is never fashionable to be late for anything, is today.” Her grandmother replied. “He’s still waiting for you.”

She turned quickly and unlocked the door. At that precise moment the door burst open and her sister pelted her with an entire bag of confetti.
“Gotcha! Thought I’d forgotten what you’d done to me, did you?” her sister spat.
“No I haven’t forgotten, and you can’t prove it was me anyway!” she laughed back, as she sped toward the implied safety of her husband’s arm. “Let’s see how much confetti this dress can hold.” She laughed. Sunlight flooded through the doors, as they swung open and while holding her husband’s arm they walked the gauntlet. Her friends and relatives all began throwing confetti at once. Most of what ended up in her cleavage cascaded down the inside of her gown and landed on the ground. The silk thong she was now wearing was soaking wet and some of the confetti clung to it as though it had been coated in paste. The gauntlet ended a few paces from the door of a waiting car. She admired her husband and was glad she had decided on a silk gown. The confetti clung to almost every part of his tuxedo while it appeared as though the gown had shed almost everything she had been pelted with. Her hair though was another matter. Confetti rolled off as she lifted the hem of her gown before entering the sanctuary of the car. A familiar scent seemed to fill the confines of the car, as the driver left the curb. The two of them found their cheeks pressed together as they viewed the scene out the back window. She couldn’t seem to help herself, as her husband fondled her breasts through their silk prison.

“If you hurry up and raise the partition, you can have me all to yourself.” she whispered in his ear. The partition seemed to rise as though it had been commanded. Her husband quickly freed her breasts from their silky prison. His warm lips found her nipples as though a magnet had drawn him to them. She began raising the hem of her gown above her waist exposing the silk thong and garter she was wearing. She slowly began guiding his tongue lower.
“When did you put these on?” he exclaimed quietly. “You weren’t wearing these when we left the pastors office.”
“I know. Did you think all Gran and I did was talk?“ She purred at him. ”After all, I need to have something on my bottom when you take the garter off later.” The thong and garter were both the same shade of pale blue. She pushed his tongue closer to examine the silken thong.
“Make me cum again, sweetheart. Fuck me with your tongue.” She whispered. His fingers gently pulled the small piece of fabric aside and she found her body begin to quiver as he set himself to comply with her urgent request. His moustache tickled her clit as his tongue probed deep inside of her.

“The secretary licked you clean, my dear.” He announced. Her pussy was in fact glistening with only his saliva. He lifted her bottom closer to him as her orgasm overtook her. A stain marked his sleeve where she discharged her orgasm. She raised his lips to hers and probed his mouth with her tongue. She tasted herself in his mouth as they continued to kiss. The car glided to the curb and the driver alighted from the car. The driver found them still locked in their passionate embrace as her driver gently knocked on the window.

“Zip me back up quickly, sweetheart.” She commanded. She found his expert hands comply and her body was once again locked within a silky prison. She adjusted her gown to cover the tops of her thighs as the door of the car swung open. Her husband alighted from the car and held his hand out for her. She rose from the interior of the car and noticed the driver was none other than her cousin. Her driver’s crisply tailored uniform did little to hide the fact that her cousin was definitely female. Her cousin dropped a subtle wink at her.
“Enjoy the ride?” stated the driver. “Gran will of course want to know everything later.” Her cousin discreetly handed her a handkerchief. “You might want to cover his sleeve before you take his arm. You might stain your gown.” Whispered her driver. Holding the handkerchief in her hand she discreetly wiped her husband’s sleeve before drawing herself closer to him. She glanced at the clock tower and noticed the drive to the hall had taken a considerable amount of time. The doorman greeted them and announced.
“Welcome. Your Party is inside to your right. Your Aunt will be escorting you to the floors above.” And the doorman swung the heavy door open to allow them to pass into the great hall.
“Almost like clockwork, though we are running a little behind.” She stated to her husband with an innocent smile. Her husband started to reply but was cut short by her aunt.
“There you both are!” she exclaimed, announcing the newlywed’s presence to the remainder of their party. They all swung their eyes towards her and the wedding party took up their positions.
“She’s not going to be happy if you tarry a moment longer.” Her aunt notified her. “Best be off now.” The wedding party walked briskly down the main hall towards the staircase and began ascending. She noticed her parents and grandparents waiting for her at the top of the flight. Her grandmother shot her a knowing look as she passed. The procession came to a halt on the landing of the second floor. Her photographer rushed forward and made a few last minute adjustments as they all stood before the alcove.
“Right now, head and eyes towards me, please.” The photographer announced.
“Smiles everyone.”
“And hold!” A flash of light exploded as the camera captured the image. The photographer worked quickly, as everyone knew the presentation could not be held back from it’s appointed time. As the final flash erupted, her grandmother stepped towards her with a very stern look.
“It is time. She is waiting for you to present yourself and your new husband to her.” She stated coldly. “You know what to do?”
“Yes, Gran. Just like we rehearsed.” She replied. Tears welling up in her eyes, she knew the importance of the presentation she had to do. She held her husbands arm and guided him towards the door across from the alcove. She pushed to door open, and only the two of them entered to chamber beyond. She waited a moment as her husband closed the door behind them and she looked to the large chair in the centre of the room. Her Great grandmother sat in this gilded chair. She was in fact the matriarch of the family and she awaited her to be presented with the newest member of the family. She ushered her husband towards her matriarch, her eyes daring not to look away from her matriarch’s stare.

“Ma’am.” She announced and she curtseyed before the gilded chair. “I present to you for your approval, my husband, and I beg for you to bless our union.” She did not raise herself from the end of her request. Her husband neither spoke nor moved as they both waited for the matriarch to reply.
“Are you prepared to do as you have been instructed?” Her matriarch shattered the silence with her clam voice.
“Yes, Ma’am. As those who have been here before me bear witness, I shall bring no dishonour to the family.
“Then rise, my dear, and present your husband to me.” Her matriarch commanded.
“Ma’am.” She stated as she now stood beside her husband. “I present my best friend and now my husband.” Her husband sensed the importance of the presentation and bowed low before her matriarch. The tense wait vanquished all other thoughts from her mind.
“Rise, my boy.” Her matriarch spoke coldly towards him. He did as she had commanded him.
“Are you prepared to solemnly swear to uphold the Vow you have made to my great granddaughter, today?” Her matriarch commanded quietly.
“Yyes, Mma’am,” he stuttered.
“I am glad you’ve chosen a man who shows not only good manners but humility.” Her matriarch stated with a smile. “I hereby bless you both and wish you health and happiness until death parts you from one another. May your marriage be doubly blessed, as I will expect you to present your first child to me before the year’s end?” She tried to hide the heat radiating from her skin, but was failing to contain herself with each passing moment.
“Yes, Ma’am,” she wept. “I shall not disappoint you.”
“Then help me to rise, my boy, and we shall greet your guests together.” Her matriarch announced to her. Her husband reached forward to take her matriarch’s outstretched hand and her matriarch rose from the chair. She walked beside her matriarch towards the closed chamber door.
“Yes indeed, my dear. A fine choice you’ve made. You’ll make us all proud I am sure of it.” Her Matriarch whispered to her. They halted at the door and waited for her husband to open the chamber door.

Applause erupted from the hall as they stepped from beyond the door’s portal. She quickly scanned the faces and found her grandmother smiling with a knowing look. Her mother and sister were clapping more loudly than all the others.
“I think your guests know something you don’t my dear.” Her matriarch said loudly.
“Ma’am?” she questioned.
“I think it is time for you to know what they do.” Her matriarch stated. “Let us retire to the banquet hall. I think you will be pleased.” Her guests all followed behind the newlyweds with her matriarch walking between them.
“I had it taken from its hiding place yesterday after you had left. I am sure you will find the resemblance striking.” Her matriarch announced to her. They halted before the banquet hall’s doors and allowed her guests to enter first.

What was this surprise her matriarch had hidden from her? She had planned every detail of the banquet hall and had supervised its creation herself. What had been done that could have been hidden from her? Her mind raced and she trembled as she took her husband’s arm.

“We had best not keep them all waiting.” Her husband stated.
“If I faint.” She started to say.
“I shall catch you, should you stumble.” He interrupted her. She passed the hall’s great doors on her husband’s arm and her eyes immediately alighted to the great portrait hanging behind the head table.

“Wow!” she gasped. The applause erupted from the hall was greater than it had been from when she had emerged from the presentation. Above the head table hung, what she thought at first glance was a huge mirror. The portrait staring back at her looked almost exactly like her. The gown she was wearing bore an uncanny resemblance to the one worn by the woman in the portrait. How was it possible? She had personally supervised the seamstress responsible for the creation of her gown. It was like she had sunk into a blissful dream. But there the portrait hung. She couldn’t believe her eyes. As if in a trance, her husband guided her to their seats at the head table. She sat in her chair and her guests began to take their seats. The applause from her guests continued to ring in her ears. Her matron of honour whispered to her.
“You never told me you’d sat for a portrait.”
“But I didn’t.” she replied. “I had no idea this portrait existed until today.” The illusion of her dream shattered as her great grandfather passed in front of her. Silence fell upon the hall.
“I would like you to meet your great ancestor.” Her great Grandfather announced to the hall.
“Your resemblance to her is remarkable, my dear.” Her great grandfather stated to her.
“Please rise and raise your glasses to The Grand Duchess of Brougham.” He commanded.
“Today marks the first time in more than five centuries that this portrait has been displayed in this hall.” Her great grandfather announced to her guests.
“Please join me now, and toast our family’s newest bride.” The clinking of glasses rang through out the hall “Long may she bless us and reign over us!”
“Reign? What was this? There must be some mistake.” She thought to herself. Had she heard her great grandfather’s words correctly? She could not possibly be the family matriarch. Her great grandmother was the family matriarch. Her mind was spinning wildly as her thoughts began to tumble around in her head. She didn’t notice her sister appear behind her and was placing a small jewelled tiara atop her veil.
“Congratulations, sis.” Her sister wept. “Ma’am was so mad at me when I had discovered the portrait, when we used to explore here. She made me swear never to tell you it existed.”
“I never knew you could keep a secret.” She joked to her sister.
“Well, now you have to uphold the family honour, Duchess.” Her sister rebutted. She became completely aware now of what it was she had better make sure takes place. Her loins ached with the thought of making love to her husband several times tonight. She had made a vow and was going to take every amount of pleasure in fulfilling it.
“Duchess and Matriarch of the family?” She thought. “How was it possible?” She had so many unanswered questions and knew she had to wait until tomorrow morning to ask for the answers. She knew she’d be having a really long heart to heart conversation with her grandmother tomorrow. She glanced around the great hall and found her grandmother looking back at her with a wicked look behind her knowing eyes. She remembered her grandmother’s words from earlier and what they now meant. Of all days, today was indeed the day she could not be late. Her destiny had begun to arrive.

The pastor stood, and blessed all in attendance. He also offered a blessing for the dinner waiting to be served. It was several hours later that she had the opportunity to sneak away from her guests. She found her grandmother, mother and sister in the powder room. She locked the door behind her, trapping the four of them in the room.
“Sneaky, very sneaky, the three of you.” She stated.
“I would have never thought either of you capable of hiding something as important as this from me and all the time knowing it would happen.” She calmly stated.
“It was better this way, my dear.” Stated her grandmother. “You would have not believed it until you had seen the portrait yourself.”
“You’d have suspected something if the whole family had gathered and it wasn’t a wedding or an anniversary.” Stated her mother.
“Besides, you were so busy supervising all the preparations, that it was actually very easy to keep you from snooping too much.” Joked her sister.
“And tonight, your husband expects to have you all to himself.” Quipped her mother.
“I know.” She smiled sweetly. They all burst into laughter.
“Tomorrow will be here soon enough.” Giggled her grandmother.
“In the mean time, let’s brush some of that confetti out of your hair.” Asked her sister. It took hardly any time at all for the three of them to brush her hair so that her previous hairstyle had vanished. Her long blonde locks cascaded down her shoulders. She stood up and shook herself gently. More confetti fell from within the folds of her gown. Her breasts strained the fabric of her gown slightly. A passion seemed to begin to envelope her as she became fully conscious of how sexy she felt.
”He’s going to be sorry tonight, that he wiped his cock on my gown.” she whispered to her sister.
“Go get ‘em, sis.” Her sister remarked as her sister repositioned her veil for her. The women left the powder room together. Her father noticed the four of them alighting from the room and wondered what they had been discussing. Her father nodded an approval of her new hairstyle as she headed towards her husband, crowded by a group of her cousins.
“Ma’am.” her cousins addressed her. They all seemed to have shrunk in fear as she appeared.
“I’m not going to get used to this too quick.” She replied to them. “I’m younger than all of you.
“But we don’t look like the first duchess.” Stated one of her cousins.
“You do.” Stated another.
“We were just asking your husband if he was available for a dance.” Stated another cousin.
“Is he?” several of them asked together.
“Not tonight cousins.” She stated.
“Perhaps later, if he’s behaved himself.” She winked.
“Behaved myself?” Her husband responded. “You almost make it sound like you have plans for me.”
“I do have plans for you.” She winked to her cousins. They all burst into evil laughter.
At that moment, her Great Grandfather was calling for the throwing of the bouquet. It also meant that her garter would be coming off shortly after that. She would be able to hide herself and her husband in the back of the car once again and continue where they had left off. She headed for the centre of the floor, where her matron of honour, her bride’s maids and her cousins had gathered for her to throw her bouquet and silently announce the family’s next bride. Her husband stared at her a few paces away, armed with a chair for her to sit for the next part. She remembered how high the garter was on her thigh and wondered silently if she’d be able to show enough modesty when it was time for him to snake the garter down her leg. She giggled quietly to herself and shot her husband an evil smile as her Great Grandfather announced a countdown for her to throw her bouquet over her head.
“3-2-1.” Her Great Grandfather counted down, and she released her bouquet behind her. Closing her eyes as cheers and applause rang out. She turned to find her cousin who had remarked about her resemblance to the first duchess had caught her bouquet. She rushed over to congratulate her cousin.
“Thank you, Ma’am. I’ll have a letter tomorrow, with your choice of dates.” Her cousin wept on her shoulder as they hugged. She realised that her cousin’s request bore the same respect she had asked of her great grandmother hours before, when she had asked for a blessing of her own marriage.
Her great grandfather had turned the attention to her great grandmother who now addressed her guests.
“Gentlemen if you be so kind to bear witness and congregate for the throwing of the garter.” Her great grandmother announced. The ladies quickly vacated the floor and her husband stepped forward with the chair. She sat in a most ladylike fashion.
“The Garter, sweetheart.” Her husband requested. She slowly began raising the hem of her gown and began exposing both her legs.
“Which leg, dear? And choose wisely.” She stated for all around to hear.
“Right?” her husband responded. She heard an uncertainty in his voice. She had no doubt he remembered exactly which leg she wore the garter, as his eyes had been inches from it when they had ridden to the hall. She continued to raise her gown and coyly began exposing the top of her left thigh.
“You chose wisely.” She announced and began alternately lowering her gown over her left thigh and exposing her right thigh.
“And how shall the groom remove my garter?” she asked her guests.
“NO HANDS!” Shouted the gentlemen gathered around. “Very well.” Her husband went to reach forward but was raised into the air by two of her cousins standing behind him.
“Not so fast, Lover.” The two men growled. And they pinned his arms with their own cummerbunds and lowered his head into her lap.
“Better not let go or we’ll have to shake you.” Her gentlemen cousins announced.
“Begin!” announced her great grandmother from behind her. He nibbled the inside of her thigh slightly, sending shivers though out her body. Her garter began slowly descending her thigh towards the floor. She raised her foot slightly from the floor and her shoe became tangled in her garter. Her gentlemen cousins propped her husband back on his feet with her Garter and shoe tangled together. She went to reach for her shoe when her sister’s voice rang out.
“NO HANDS… REMEMBER!” Her sister announced to the roaring laughter of her guests. She wrapped her left arm around her husband’s waist and examined the garter and shoe closely.
“This is going to smart, sweetheart.” She announced, and she swiftly raised her knee. Her shoe fell into her hand and the garter fluttered to the floor. Her gentlemen guests all seemed to groan in sympathy for her husband and the remainder of her guests cheered and clapped. Her gentlemen cousins raised her husband back to his feet and he looked around for the garter. She knew full well she was standing on it. Her right hand was still cinching her gown, high up her thigh.
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The Passage She awoke from a pleasant dream filled with naughty thoughts. Her husband’s eyes met her’s instantly.

“Been watching me sleep?” she asked, as she stretched her arms over her husband’s shoulders and embraced him.
“Aye, like an angel.” Her husband stated as he gave her a morning kiss. She felt her body tremble slightly as he ran his fingers down her spine.

“James, You’d better be careful or you might seduce me.” She giggled. She felt his fingers rise up her spine and she felt as though she was going to melt in his arms. She kissed her husband passionately and immediately felt his manhood swelling. She parted her legs slightly and felt his erection rise along the inside of her upper thigh. Her hips rotated slightly to allow the tip of his growing staff to part her entrance. She felt his full thickness penetrate slowly into her. She continued to tremble slightly as he shifted his body to slide further into her. His powerful arms lifted her on top of him as he rolled onto his back. She slowly sank onto his full length as she arched her back and parted her thighs on either side of him. Her breasts hung pendulous in front of him, beckoning his tongue to her hardening nipples. She did not wait long to feel his erection begin ejaculating inside of her. Her orgasm triggered immediately upon the first contraction of his organ pumping sperm into her body. Her entire body quivered as her orgasm slowly subsided. Her blonde hair cascaded down her back as she made one last thrust against his hips, before collapsing on top of him. She barely composed herself enough to whisper to him.

“I love you, Darling.” She whispered.
“I love you too.” He replied back to her. She playfully contracted the muscles of her vagina and felt his erection quiver slightly, sending shivers of delight race through her lower body. Her face glowed intensely from being fully satisfied. And she lay resting on top of her husband, with his erection impaling her. Her hips seemed to move of their volition. Her engorged clit rubbing gently against the base of her husband’s shaft made her want to keep making love. She passionately kissed her husband to urge him to continue moving against her hips. She remained on top of her husband through several intense orgasms. Her husband’s erection remained fully inserted inside her vagina as the contractions of another orgasm triggered her husband to ejaculate inside her womb once again. Sweat glistened on her skin and she felt the swollen lips of her vulva tightly wrapped around the base of her husband’s still firm organ. She sat up and leaned back slightly. She rested her hands above his knees and felt her husband’s testicles as she rested her buttocks gently against them. She felt his fingers between her legs, gently massaging her clit. Her vagina quivered slightly and she began riding his hips once again, determined to continue to make love to her husband until he could no longer maintain an erection. She leaned forward and felt her husband’s warm tongue teasing her hard nipples. Her breasts bounced gently before his mouth. Her husband rolled her onto her back, while thrusting against her hips. She lay underneath her husband, unable to control her body’s involuntary contractions. Her legs remained wide open as her husband thrust his complete length into her womb. Orgasms overwhelmed her body, each one barely subsiding before the next one began. Her vaginal discharge became an increasing pool under her impaled hips and she felt her husband begin one last ejaculation inside of her.

“If you could stay hard all day, I’d never let you out of this bed.” She whispered to her husband.
“Aye, if I could stay hard all day, you’d beg me to stop.” He replied to her.
“I’d never beg you to stop.” She giggled.
“Think you can handle staying in bed all day?” her husband whispered to her.
“With you darling, I’d never have a reason to get out of bed.” She giggled once more. “But I am starved sweetheart, and I have appointments today, as I am sure you have too.”
“Bed time will be early tonight, so I can have a reason to monopolize a bigger portion of your time.” Her husband spoke gently to her.

“If you’re horny today, you can always think of me and let me know.” She giggled some more. “I’m pretty sure I could be convinced to go to bed early for a change.” With that final statement she kissed her husband passionately. They disentangled themselves from each other and they both headed for a relaxing hot shower. She gently soaped her husband’s body while he tried in vain to remain composed. Her husband playfully returned her caressing touch as they cleansed each other. The warm water seemed to bring her mind back into focus after having spent the last hour making love to her husband. She remembered the gift of herself she willingly gave her husband, and wondered if she had chosen that gift wisely.

“I will never give you reason not to trust me with your secrets, any of them.” Her husband’s voice softly sounded inside her head. “If you remember from our first date, I never gave you a reason to doubt my honesty to you, now I will show you how loyal I will forever be to you.”
“James, I already know.” She projected back to her husband. “I’ve always known. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with you. She passionately kissed her husband underneath the gentle pounding of the water. She yearned to join each drop of water as she embraced her husband.

“We better be getting dressed, I have to meet your gentleman at breakfast this morning and I don’t want to be late.” Her husband stated as he stepped out of the shower. She shut off the water just as her husband playfully approached her with a towel. She felt the towel close around her body as she alighted from the stall. She quickly left the water closet and headed towards her dressing table. Her wet hair would take forever to dry, so she decided to braid her hair this morning. She reached for her hairbrush and glanced into the mirror and found her hair already in a double braid across the top of her head. She turned sideways and distinctly saw her hair close to a final braid. A hair band flew from her dressing table and bound the end of her braid. She regarded her reflection in the mirror, and wondered how she could have accomplished this with out concentrating on the magic required to do it.

“My apology if this has startled you, Mistress.” Ferule’s voice echoed inside her head. “One small pleasure you may enjoy from time to time. I’ve already taken the liberty of setting out your clothes.”
“Thank you, Ferule.” She responded back. “I do enjoy being pampered. If it’s not James, It’s you. Thank you.”
“You’ve chosen a very rare gift to give Master James, Mistress.” Ferule’s voice sounded again to her.
“I pray I’ve chosen his gift wisely.” She responded back once more.
“You already know you have, Mistress.” Ferule’s voice echoed to her.
“Thank you, Ferule. You are most kind.” She projected.
“I shall return to my other duties, Mistress.” She heard Ferule’s voice drift slowly away from her. She consciously felt the glow of her ring announcing Ferule’s presence to her.
“James prefers his breakfast served on an oven warmed plate, Ferule.” She quipped.
“Thank you, Mistress. A small detail I shall remember to correct.” Ferule’s voice trailed off. Her husband emerged clean-shaven from the water closet as she walked towards the clothes set out on the bed.

She dropped her towel as her husband approached from behind her. She seductively turned and winked at him.
“Breakfast in five minutes, I’ll race you.” She giggled as she gave her husband’s genitals a playful squeeze.
“I’ll have to concede to you.” Her husband spoke, as he turned and headed back to the water closet for a cold shower. She could plainly see his erection standing fully at attention.
“Having problems, Darling?” she playfully winked to him.
“You know full well, I’ll never fit into my trousers with this.” Her husband stated while turning to display his fully erect organ to her.

“I’d love to help you with that, but you’d have an unfair advantage then.” She giggled to him as she heard the shower being turned back on. She snuck up to the water closet door and surveyed her husband standing in an ice cold shower. Her own loins ached to repeat the events of the last hour with him, but she knew if she did that, she’d never be wearing any clothes at all today. She walked towards her husband and offered him a towel as he shut the cold water off. She then raced back into the bedchamber so as not to loose too much of a head start getting dressed. She continued to giggle to herself as she tried to imprison her breasts within the confines of her bra. She took notice of how full her breasts were this morning. Her nipples remained completely visible through the soft material. She concentrated on not turning towards her husband as he emerged from the water closet. She caressed her swollen breasts playfully, knowing full well her husband would watch her every move. She very sensuously encased her bottom with a silken thong and wiggled her body slightly.

“Damm, I’ll see you at breakfast, Darling.” Her husband spoke as she turned to see him head back into the water closet for another cold shower. Lying on the bed, she giggled to herself as she began slipping her stockings and shoes on. She slipped her blouse on and fastened the bottom buttons only. Her breasts remained fully visible inside her bra. She propped herself onto her side while exposing herself and ran her fingers between her legs as her husband emerged from his second cold shower.

“You might need a third, darling.” She giggled seductively. She could sense he was barely able to contain himself but he approached and stood before her next to the bed. Her husband’s manhood began rising again. Her husband retrieved his shirt from the bed, having to lean over her to do this. She guided his erection into her mouth and heard him groan as her tongue played with his hardening shaft. She giggled as she kissed the tip of his penis. She felt his hands playfully teasing her breasts through the thin material of her bra. She released her lips from his organ and lay on her back next to the edge of the bed. She giggled slightly as she playfully patted her husband’s genitals and rolled to the opposite side of the bed.

“Double Damm!” her husband exclaimed as he headed back towards the water closet and another cold shower.
“See you at breakfast sweetheart.” She giggled as she quickly fastened the remaining buttons of her blouse and grabbed her skirt from the bed. She quickly fled from the bedroom while adjusting her skirt. The last thing she heard was the water for the shower being turned on. She met her driver in the hallway.
“You are being so mean to him, teasing him like that.” Her driver noted aloud.
“I know.” She laughed. “I also know he’ll drive me absolutely wild tonight as payback for being so naughty.”
“Best of both worlds,” her driver laughed. “You and I both know neither of our husbands will really ever be mad at us for teasing them.”
“Aye, but I think he’s setting a new record for consecutive cold showers.” She giggled intensely.
“Anyway, it’s breakfast and I bet you’re as starved as I am.” Her driver noted aloud.
“You know I am.” She concluded as they descended the staircase and headed for the breakfast nook off the kitchen. Ferule met them at the table.
“Pleased to see you both, but I had reason to believe your husbands would be joining you this morning.” Ferule spoke. The two women regarded each other before bursting into laughter. They quickly seated themselves as her sister joined them for breakfast.

“Morning, Sis.” Her sister quipped. “I think we need to have the plumbers check the pipes. It was really bad trying to keep the water temp in the shower from spiking.” Her sister looked directly at her and winked. The three of them giggled before being completely boisterous with laughter. Ferule began serving their breakfast a short time later. All three of their husbands appeared together. Her husband playfully kissed her before seating himself as the other men did the same to her sister and her driver.
“Morning, Sirs.” Ferule spoke announcing himself. “Your breakfast will be served shortly.” Ferule set a glass before her she recognized.
“Thank you, Ferule.” She spoke.

“You’re most welcome, Mistress.” Ferule replied. Ferule departed and kitchen staff appeared with breakfast for the men. Each plate was stacked on top of a warming basket, which kept the plates warmed. The food was piping hot as though whisked from the grill moments before. The three men dived into their breakfast with out hesitation.
“Keep you hands and feet away from the conveyors.” Her sister quipped. Everyone stopped and stared at her sister. The three women burst into laughter as the men chuckled.
“James, you did say our gentleman was joining us for breakfast this morning?” she asked politely while still giggling loudly.
“He is supposed to be, but we are early this morning.” Her husband replied as she drank from her glass. Ferule’s special recipe flooded her with a warm sensation. Her great grandfather and great grandmother entered the breakfast nook together a short time later.

“Good morning, Sir, Mistress.” Ferule greeted them as everyone else at the table took notice. The men stood at the table, until her great grandmother sat down for breakfast, and then they reseated themselves following her great grandfather.
“Morning Ladies.” Her great grandfather greeted them. Her great grandfather stared directly at her as she finished the contents of her glass.
“Morning.” The three women sang together.
“Morning, Ma’am.” She greeted her great grandmother.
“I heard quite a bit of excitement from the west wing this morning. Do you know anything about it, my dear.” Her great grandmother spoke to her.
“I do. I commissioned the black house to a task early this morning. I should have a report back before we finish breakfast.” She stated. She also noticed her great grandfather give her great grandmother an all-knowing look.
“I often wondered about that music, but I never could tell where it was supposed to lead me.” Her great grandmother spoke.
“Ma’am, you’ve heard it before?” she asked politely.
“Yes, several times.” Her great grandmother spoke softly. “If you’ve tasked the Black house, then you must know something.”
“Actually, it was one of my guests who filled in a missing piece.” She replied to her great grandmother.
“Sir, I will know one day, how you seem to know things before anyone else.” She projected to her great grandfather only. Her gentleman seemed slightly startled to hearing her voice but had seen clearly that she had not spoken to him. She regarded her great grandfather’s stare. She projected her mind into his mind.
“Careful how deep you want to go, my dear.” Her great grandfather’s voice sounded in her head. “Some truths may frighten you.” She found her great grandfather’s mind clouded as though he sought to keep some things from her.
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The Watcher The events of the past week danced within her mind. The realization that she was a powerful sorceress gave her new challenges with each passing moment. Her thoughts drifted between two men she adored most. Both of them held very special places in her heart. She felt an infinite happiness. The same way she felt the day she met the man who was now her husband. A similar feeling filled her with the thoughts of how her new butler was a very dear and old friend. She knew she could trust both of them explicitly with anything. She finished dressing for dinner, and departed her suite. As she headed down the hallway toward the elevator, she briefly overheard her cousin’s voice reach out to her, but nothing more. The door of her sister’s suite opened and her cousin emerged into the hallway. She stared in disbelief as her cousin slumped to the floor. She immediately ran towards her cousin’s unconscious form.

“Catherine! Ferule! I need you both, now!” she commanded with her mind. She knelt beside her cousin and quickly took notice of her cousin’s dishevelled state. Blood flowing profusely from several cuts on her cousin’s forearm. Her driver appeared next to her having run the distance from downstairs at a sprint.
“Check the room for an assailant. Quickly make sure no one else is hurt.” She commanded. She had already begun administering first aide to her cousin’s wound when she blacked out. She never saw her assailant approach her from behind, from the open door of her own suite.

She awoke more than an hour later. Her husband’s eyes smiled at her as she opened her eyes.
“What happened?” she tried to speak.
“Catherine found you face down in the hallway. Your cousin has already been seen by the doctor and is resting. She has not woken up yet.” Her husband said.
“Who or what hit me? My head feels like it’s going to explode.” She barely whispered. The effort to even project her thoughts felt like knives inside her head.
“Ferule had arrived just as Catherine found you. Your assailant had evaded him.” Her husband affirmed to her.
“Ferule, I am awake.” The pain of projecting her thought to Ferule was excruciating but she remained conscious. Ferule’s green eyes glowed briefly before the remaining light in the room reflected off his waistcoat. Ferule walked, almost marched to the foot of her bed.

“Is there anything you wish, mistress?” Ferule spoke softly, in a tone that hinted of his concern for her safety. She noticed her husband flinch slightly as though Ferule’s presence has startled him.
“No, Thank you, Ferule.” She whispered softly. “I know this is not the way I wanted to introduce the two of you. Darling, meet Ferule. Ferule, My husband, James.”
“My pleasure, sir!” Ferule shook her husband’s hand firmly. “I’ve looked forward to this for some time now.”
“Thank you, Ferule.” Her husband replied. “But Natalie has never mentioned you before.”
“Forgive me, sir, But Mistress’s new station warrants my change in employment.” Ferule stated. “I was previously employed by one of Mistress’s older relatives who passed on some time ago. I remained at her estate until I was needed here. I arrived with Mistress’s guests only this afternoon.”
“Ferule,” she fought back the sharp pain in her mind. “That may be the truth, but it’s quite a stretch. Anything more you care to add? Like… how old you really are?”
“We best save the pieces of the last seven hundred years for a more appropriate time, mistress.” She heard ferule’s voice inside her head.
“You’ve had quite enough excitement for today, Mistress. I shall have your dinner brought to you shortly. Please see to it that Mistress remains resting, Sir.” Ferule quipped. Ferule departed as though it was precisely what she wanted. She noticed her ring glowing a pale orange as she reached out for her husband’s hand. She noticed her husband’s ring also glowed in the same colour as he took her hand in his and sat down beside her on the bed.
“You shall have need of Ferule’s services this week while the family prepares for the banquet on Saturday.” She whispered, trying to hold back the tide of pain in her head.
“I shall be sequestered with your Great Grandfather in the north tower for most of the week.” Her husband replied quietly.
“I already know, but Ferule may have some interesting ideas for you.” She whispered. “He is much older than he looks, and it is part of his station to protect the family. What you will be doing, he has done for some time already.”

“I understand, I just wish you could have told me sooner.” Her husband replied.
“Sorry, darling, but I only just met Ferule today too.” She whispered back. Just then Ferule re-entered the bedroom with some of the kitchen staff bearing two dinner trays and a wine bucket. The kitchen staff set their burdens down before her husband and herself and quickly departed.
“Mistress is not to indulge but may have only one glass of wine after dinner. Until your doctor permits you, you shall have to be careful.” Ferule announced quietly. “If Sir will permit me, I trust he will find the wine to be an excellent vintage.” Ferule, with expert hands opened the bottle of Chateau Briande silently.
“1963 was a very good year, sir.” Ferule announced as he poured a mouthful of wine from the bottle into her husband’s glass. She gently nudged her husband to have a taste of the wine as is proper, when a butler serves wine at a meal.
“Most excellent, Ferule.” Her husband replied after tasting the wine. Ferule filled her husband’s glass after he’d set it back onto his dinner tray.
“I shall return after you’ve finished your meal, Mistress.” Ferule replied and departed without anything more needing to be said. She glanced over to see Ferule pause as he closed both doors of the bedroom. She winked at Ferule before the doors finally hid him from view.
“You ham!” she thought to Ferule.
“Thank you, Mistress. I always wanted to do that.” Ferule replied inside her head. “Quite frankly though, 1963 was really horrible for wine. But a really good year for brandy! Enjoy your glass, Mistress. I filled your glass with an old recipe that will aide you far more than anything your physician can concoct for you.
“Yuck. It looks positively disgusting!” she thought back to Ferule. “You really don’t expect me to drink something as offensive as that!”
“Trust me, Mistress.” Ferule spoke in her head. “Dragon’s blood has many uses. I would willingly sacrifice my own life for your safety.”
“Ferule seems to have thought of everything, Darling.” Her husband spoke snapping her attention back to her dinner tray. Her glass resembled a concoction of vegetable cocktail. Its reddish brown colour hinted as to it’s other contents.

“Ferule certainly has a way with culinary delights, but I think all I will try for now is something to drink.” She spoke. She looked at her glass once more and decided that she may as well get things over with and see if she could handle anything else. She picked up her glass and downed it.
“Looks like you were thirsty, Darling.” Her husband spoke to her. She felt immediately refreshed. The contents of her glass gave her a warm feeling throughout her entire body. She felt everything about herself including the child growing inside her womb. She felt as though her daughter was calling to her.
“Darling, Are you all right?” her husband asked.
“I feel very strange.” She whispered. She grabbed his hand as she felt the room begin to spin wildly out of control.
“What is it? What’s wrong?” he shouted at her.
“Hold my hand and do not let go.” She calmly spoke to him. “Can you hear her?”
“Hear whom?” was her husband’s reply. She saw her ring and her husband’s glow with a warm intensity. “There is just the two of us.”
“Our daughter, Darling.” She whispered.
“You’re pregnant?” her husband asked with excitement. “You never told me! That’s wonderful news.”
“Sorry, darling.” She whispered. “I can almost hear her calling to me.”
“I do not pretend to know everything about you, nor this sixth sense you seem to possess. Let’s enjoy our dinner together.” Her husband spoke. “Afterwards you can rest and regain some of your strength.” The truth was, the salve that Ferule had prepared for her made her feel better than she’d ever felt in her life.

“Cuddle and hold me close?” she whispered as she winked at her husband.
“There is never enough time in a day for hugs and cuddles.” Her husband winked back at her. Her husband lifted her meal tray from the bed and set it aside. The two of them curled up together and fell asleep. Neither of them heard Ferule remove the untouched dinner trays later that hour. A soft green glow filled the entire room until the first rays of dawn began to rise above the horizon.

She opened her eyes and found the morning sun blazing through the windows. She was not alone. She was still curled up in her husband’s arms. Ferule had spent the night in his true form chained to within an arms reach of her. The faint smell of brimstone lingered. She reached out and touched Ferule’s scales. Ferule’s green eyes instantly stared back at her.
“Please forgive me, Mistress.” Ferule whispered.
“You have done nothing to be forgiven for, Ferule.” She interrupted.
“Your husband may not approve of my being here.” Ferule snorted.
“Perhaps, but I think he will understand, and I feel great this morning.” She whispered to Ferule. She rose from the bed and reached over to touch Ferule’s bindings. The chains immediately fell against the floor’s carpet.
“Have you no shame, Mistress?” Ferule snorted. “Your bed clothes are supposed to remain on your body during the night, not end up on the floor.”
“I prefer having nothing between my husband and myself when we sleep,” She whispered. “And I am very horny this morning.” She fell back into bed and found her husband’s morning erection waiting for her. She immediately impaled herself upon her husband and gently woke him while his erection began massaging her between her thighs. She noticed a faint green glow mix with the sunlight as her husband opened his eyes. She immediately felt his warm tongue against her nipples.

“Good morning, Darling.” She spoke softly. “Make love to me like you did on our wedding day.” She found her husband needed no further encouragement and soon found herself in blissful abandonment. The green glow she noticed moments before was gone though she felt Ferule’s presence was still close by. Her husband brought her to several overpowering orgasms before she felt his erection filling her womb with cum. She joined him in one last final orgasm before collapsing while still impaled by his slowly fading erection.
“I would love to remain in bed with you, Darling, but your great grandfather expects me back at the hall this morning.” Her husband announced to her. “And I am sure you have duties to be done today as well.”

“Yes, I do.” She replied. “I have my guests to attend to, as well as finding out how my cousin is this morning.”
“Shall we meet at the hall for lunch?” her husband asked.
“How about we make it dinner, instead?” she asked as her reply. “I think I am going to be very busy today.”
“Dinner it is then,” he replied to her. “At eight?”
“As always!” she giggled. She rose from her husband’s hips. Sperm immediately began running down the insides of her thighs as she alighted from the bed. Her swollen vulva trapping most of her husband’s cum within her body. She thought longingly of throwing herself into blissful abandonment within her husband’s embrace and remain making love to him the rest of the day, but her duties as the matriarch of the family precluded her from such pursuits today. She wondered what she was going to wear today, but noticed that clothes were already laid out for her.
“Ferule… I am a big girl and can choose my own clothes.” She spoke from her mind.

“Old habits, Mistress.” She heard Ferule’s voice reply. “I shall have to strive to be better.” She started dressing herself. Ferule’s wardrobe choices for her, perfectly flattered her figure. She felt a strange sensation as the material of her blouse touched her skin. She took notice of how the material shimmered like silk, but was definitely not silk. She was reaching for her skirt when her husband returned already fully clothed.

“I have to be off, darling. See you this evening at dinner?” her husband asked. She embraced him passionately though briefly.
“You’d better be ready to make love to me tonight.” She stated firmly yet playfully. “All night, if you can handle it.”
“Sounds like a challenge to me sweetheart.” Her husband quipped back. “See you tonight at dinner.” Her husband kissed her and departed as her driver Catherine entered the suite.
“Did I interrupt anything?” her driver giggled, noticing that she was only wearing a blouse.
“Ten minutes ago, you might have.” She giggled in return, while continuing to dress. “How is everyone this morning?”
“Your guests are well. They spent the night in shifts watching over everyone. I did notice that our cousin’s fiancй turned up at an odd hour in a very dishevelled state.”
“Oh?” she replied, wondering herself why that would be.
“I did have an opportunity to question him, but he had no recollection about where he’d been or what happened to him.” Her driver stated.
“Where is he now?” she asked.
“He’s down at breakfast at the moment. Your husband is escorting him to the hall this morning.” Her driver stated.
“Something about him tells me he brings a great danger to all of us.” She stated. “And I know Ferule would not dislike anyone for no reason.”
“You noticed it too?” her driver asked. “Have you tried to feel for his presence or his thoughts?” She reached out with her mind and began searching for her cousin’s fiancй. What she found startled her immediately.
“Do you remember the presence we felt when we met Ferule?” she asked.
“I remember. Pure evil at best.” Her driver stated.
“I feel it again, but somehow diminished from what it was.” She calmly spoke. “It is not our place to interfere with our cousin’s choice for a husband, but I fear he may have been unfortunate to have become a vessel for this evil to hide.”

“Perhaps your guests can be of service in finding out more.” Her driver spoke.
“Great idea.” She replied. “I’d like to stop in and see how our cousin is this morning before we go down to breakfast.” She donned the blazer, which was the last of the clothing laid out for her.
“She is still resting.” Her driver replied. “I took the liberty of checking in on her this morning. The doctor will be seeing her later this morning.”
“Wake up cousin.” She reached out with her mind. While she could feel her cousin’s presence, she heard no response. This worried her a great deal.
“Breakfast first then?” she quipped.
“You sound like you’re back to your old self.” Her driver giggled. “You always did get hungry after sex.”
“And this morning is no exception.” She giggled in return. The clothing she was wearing shifted against her skin no matter how slight the movement. Her long blond hair flowed down her back. The two of them departed the suite and headed for the atrium. She noticed the maid stationed outside her sister’s suite. No doubt Ferule had insisted that someone remain on the suite’s door until her cousin was once again awake.
“You’re holding out on us.” Her driver spoke.
“What?” she replied, not knowing what she was supposed to have been hiding?
“You’ve got a new seamstress, don’t you?” Her driver stated. The clothes she was wearing were clearly of a completely different cut than what she normally wore. The combination of fabric, and style completely flattered her entire figure. The effect was nothing short of stunning.

“One of Ferule’s many talents.” She replied. “He had laid out my wardrobe last night after I had retired.”
“I wouldn’t mind knowing who he had make these for you.” Her driver stated. “I’m almost jealous.”
“Careful Catherine.” She reminded her driver. “Jealousy is very powerful and one of the evils that had cursed us for so long.”
“You are true.” Her driver replied. They had finally finished descending the stairs when she noticed her husband leaving the atrium.
“Not driving today?” she asked.
“I had made arrangements for a car to be available for your husband today.” Her driver replied.
“And he was just leaving.” She stated almost sadly.
“But we have the Ferrari to ourselves today.” Her driver giggled. “And I know how you love to drive that car.”
“Aye, and you love it too.” She quipped back. “Breakfast? I’m starved!”
“Definitely… we can catch up on some gossip too.” Her driver replied. The two of them headed for the reception hall off the atrium. They quickly seated themselves and listened to the discussions already in progress at the table.
“You’re looking well this morning, Mistress.” Commented Lady Gwen.

“Thank you, I hope our cousin feels as well as I do this morning.” She replied. “The doctor should be here a bit later to check on her condition.” Ferule himself delivered her breakfast tray. She noticed the tray contained a glass filled with what appeared to be the same contents as last night. She raised her glass and finished it’s contents with out stopping.
“Thank you, Ferule.” She acknowledged. She felt a warm sensation flood through her entire body.
“My pleasure, Mistress.” Ferule replied. “Will you be needing me anymore this morning?”
“No, thank you, Ferule.” She answered. “I believe my husband may require your wisdom during the conference in the north tower this morning.”
“He did ask for me to grace their presence this morning.” Ferule replied.
“Keep watch, Ferule.” She spoke to him from her mind. “I fear an evil hiding amongst us.”
“I have already taken the liberty of protecting several members of the family.” She heard Ferule answer back. “Your breakfast glass should be sufficient to shield you from the evil that hides from us. And please teach me how you do that.”
“Sorry, Ferule. It’s a gift, not a skill.” She quipped back with her mind. “Though I can feel your presence, I cannot hear your thoughts unless you actually reply to my thoughts. Try calling for me sometime to see if I can hear you.”

“I shall try, Mistress.” She heard Ferule answer her back. At that particular moment she felt pain and despair flood over her, as though someone was trying to reach out to her.
“Ferule? Was that you?” she spoke from her mind.
“No, Mistress, But I felt it too.” She heard him reply. “I do not know from who or where that call came from.”
“Catherine, did you feel anything strange a moment ago?” she asked her driver.
“I felt something, but I wasn’t sure what it was.” Her driver replied. She noticed everyone at the table had stopped talking and was staring directly at her.
“Did any of you feel anything strange a moment ago?” she asked. The looks of everyone present told her their answers even before they all began nodding their heads.
“Everyone, Fan out, and report back here if you find anything.” She commanded calmly.
“Ferule, Please check my sister’s suite.”

“Consider it done, Mistress.” Ferule responded as he began heading towards the atrium to ascend the stairs. She reached out with her mind directly towards her cousin.
“Wake up cousin!” she pleaded from inside her head. “Hear my voice and know you are safe. Come back to us!”
“Mistress, Come quickly. Your sister’s suite!” She heard Ferule’s voice in her head.
“On my way!” she responded back. “Catherine, Meet me there.” She bounded from the room and began ascending the staircase. Several of the others were already joining her before she reached the door to her sister’s suite. Her driver stopped her outside the door, and escorted her directly to her own suite. Her cousin lay slumped on the sofa, with two of the others tending to her cousin’s new wounds. She noticed her cousin’s arms appeared as though she had managed to defend herself against an assailant.
“I found her in the hallway where we found you both last night, and Ferule has someone trapped in your sister’s suite.” Her driver stated.
“Ferule, do you need help?” she asked with her mind. She felt a blast of air follow her towards the door.
“Do Not Enter, Mistress!” She heard Ferule’s voice command.
“Let us know if you need help!” she pleaded back to Ferule.
“Do Not Enter! That which you felt before has manifested itself. Explanations later.” Ferule roared in her head. The force of Ferule’s thoughts caused her excruciating pain. She reached out with her mind and addressed all her guests.
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The Counsel She awoke from what she felt was a deep slumber. She felt completely refreshed. Her driver knelt beside her.
“I don’t know what you did, but you almost shook the very foundations of the hall.” Her driver stated.
“I am ready to face the counsel, Catherine.” She stated. “I unlocked the secret. I was able to do it!”
“To do what?” her driver asked.
“I know why they fear us.” She replied. She grasped her driver’s hand and released a small share of the knowledge she shared with the Grand Duchess. Her driver fainted as she released her grip. She knelt next to her driver and waited for her to wake.

“Wow!” her driver exclaimed. “That was almost better than sex!” The two women giggled to each other before they burst into hysterical laughter.
“The other Families fear us because we have knowledge of the dark arts and their defence that the other Families dare not use. Their knowledge is like that of a child, without the full understanding they are a danger to themselves and others. The Grand Duchess never feared it and neither will we.” She stated boldly.
“I think we should act quickly to instruct the others.” Her driver openly stated.
“No, they are meant to learn from the sacred texts. Their knowledge will be more specific to protecting and serving their individual houses.” She projected, feeling the same presence nearby she felt earlier.
“Of course!” her driver exclaimed. “That’s why Lady Robyn’s father chose to sacrifice his own life. To protect the Family.”
“Precisely.” She recanted. “I shall have to task my guests to find the other two measures while the three of us confront the counsel.”
“We have to find your sister.” Her driver noted. The two women quickly fled the great hall. They burst into the library as her grandmother slid the hidden bookcase shut. She noted the members of the Green House who were present. She sank into a chair beside the great book as she struggled to catch her breath. Her driver sank into the chair opposite her.

“You two look as though you’ve had the devil chasing you.” Her grandmother spoke.
“Gran, The other two measures... Have my guests assist you in finding them.” She started to speak.
“One measure you will find hidden behind the clock in the men’s smoking room, and the other is hidden beneath the floor of the chapel.” Her driver finished.
“Begin lessons to the entire family according to each house before week’s end.” She commanded softly. She stood facing her sister.
“My dear sister, I have to share with you the reason why this is most important.” She stated softly while taking her sister’s hand in a firm grip. She flooded her sister with a share of the same knowledge given to her earlier. Her sister’s reaction was similar to her driver’s but she did not faint.
“Kewl!” her sister replied. “Let’s go kick some butt!”
“You needn’t bother.” A man’s voice echoed. “I have already found you.” A hooded figure appeared in the middle of the library. She laughed out loud.
“You mock me!” the hooded figure retorted.
“Yes, I do.” She continued laughing. She waved her hand and five gilded chairs appeared behind her. The chair arrangement was similar to a robed family gathering. Her great grandmother appeared and sat in the last chair. Her sister sat in the fourth chair. She sat in the middle chair while her driver sat in the second chair.
“You should fear me, you silly little girl.” The hooded figure spoke.

“Why would I do that?” she replied. “I know who you are and why you are here.” The hooded figure dropped his hood and stood defiantly before her.
“The counsel will once again be represented by a member of this Family.” She stated aloud. She sensed the open defiance from this man and how it was he who feared the return of the Family to the governing counsel. Just then the Library door opened and the other eight head of the houses approached the chairs. Her grandmother took her place amongst them.
“Tell me Lucratius.” She asked. “Why should I fear you, when it is you who should be fearful? Your family will no longer be able to manipulate the counsel. The Family will re-open the Chambers that your Family has managed to keep closed all these centuries.”
“Your Family has not yet earned its seat back on the counsel.” Lucratius spat.
“While that is true, the counsel will no longer accept your vote as being ours.” She spoke softly.
“You will not sit on the counsel, nor cast a vote.” Lucratius spat, as he removed a wand from within the folds of his cloak.
“Expelliarmus!” She cried. She extended her arm full force at Lucratius, his wand came to land in her hand. She stood and broke the wand in half.
“A wand I can replace…” Lucratius began.
“But not before you’ve been banished from these halls.” She commanded. Her concentration on this thought paralleled evening the score. Lucratius vanished in a blinding flash of light. The broken wand she held dissolved into ashes. The silence in the library remained deafening.

“Whoa, wand less at the very least, but stupid question, who was that?” her sister spoke breaking the silence. She managed a smile with her sister’s humour as everyone else broke into laughter that shook the window panes. She fought to remain composed as her body trembled inside to her very soul.
“That was the Chamberlain of the Governing Counsel, My dear.” Her great grandmother spoke. “He is a most arduous man. I was most unfortunate to have met him in my younger years.” Everyone broke into boisterous laughter.

“I shall see to it that a request is made to convene the counsel and petition our seat be returned to us immediately.” Her driver motioned. Everyone agreed. She sat back down and pondered the situation she and the heads of the Family now faced. She hid her trembling hands as she fought her own fears. She wanted desperately to hide in her husband’s arms but remembered her station and how the family looked to her for guidance. To return to the counsel would provide stability, but it would also reveal the family to those who were obvious enemies.
“The entire family will return to the estate grounds immediately.” She commanded softly, her body continued to tremble inside. “Housing is to be constructed for everyone and no one is to leave until they have properly completed their studies. This is for their own protection more than anything else.” She fought back the desire to run head long for the men’s sanctuary, and the implied safety of the men of the family. The head of the houses left the library to send dispatches, summoning the entire family to the estate. She finally composed herself and felt a small twinge of guilt for having banished the chamberlain from the estate instead of imprisoning him, but remembered her wedding day where she showed she could be merciful as well as responsible. To have imprisoned the chamberlain could have erupted in chaos within the other counsel members.
“Those who are in immediate danger are members of the Green and Grey houses.” Her driver mentioned. “They will remain housed in the hall until accommodations are completed.”
“You have done well, my dear.” Her great grandmother projected to her. “Very well indeed, but you must stop doubting yourself. You did what had to be done, and no one else has the power to have done what you just did.”

She silently continued to ponder the current situation and wondered if her husband had safely reached the meeting with her brother-in-law. Her question was answered immediately as Ferule escorted her husband into the library.
“The counsel has been compiling information for you since they learned of your coronation.” Her husband spoke quietly to her. “They are waiting for a formal request from the Family before they will agree to hear a petition for return of the seat.”
“James, Catherine is taking care of drafting a formal request right now.” She softly replied. “In the mean time, it is important for everyone to return to their normal routines and duties while the Family gathers. There will be much to do.”
“Well my dear,” her great grandmother stated. “I would say that we should not keep the staff from their normal duties and partake in the mid day meal they have been preparing for us to enjoy.”
“I can’t agree more.” Her sister stated.
“I guess I’m out voted.” She quipped.
“Nope, But dam close.” Her driver added quickly. Together the women departed the Library and headed towards the rich smells emanating from the kitchens.
“It looks as though this room will be seeing a lot of use over the next while.” Her mother stated as she sat with them. She lost herself in though as her lunch plate arrived and failed to notice everyone else has begun eating.

“A penny for your thoughts.” Her great grandmother’s voice sounded inside her head. She snapped back to the company of the others, and took up her fork hoping the others had not noticed.
“I have a task for the orange House, Ma’am.” She projected back to her great grandmother.
“I will see that they will be requested to join you after lunch, my dear.” Her grandmother projected back.
“I was thinking that we can use our mid day meal as a time for the other heads of house to join us, and keep us appraised of Family business.” She stated. Everyone silently nodded in agreement to her statement.

“A wise choice my dear, as the men will usually confine themselves to the dining hall, after which they usually escape to the sanctuary of the smoking room.” Her great grandmother stated openly. She also noted the other women gathered with her. Absent were the heads of the Violet, Yellow and Grey Houses, as well as the head of the Orange House. The other heads of house had placed themselves amongst other members of their houses at the other tables. There seemed to be a segregation of sorts with each of the houses keeping to themselves. She pondered how to keep the family united and not openly segregate themselves as had been the custom that had eventually led to the events where the sacred texts had been dispersed.

“Ferule, I have need of you.” She projected firmly.
“Yes, Mistress.” Ferule spoke softly beside her. She beckoned Ferule to her shoulder.
“Starting tomorrow,” she whispered in Ferule’s ear. “Everyone shall be seated according to their age, regardless of their station or house, including myself. Please see to the seating arrangements personally.”
“Of course, Mistress.” Ferule spoke softly in reply, and departed. She made a mental note that her driver would be remaining next to her with the new seating arrangements and her sister would still be close by as well, though the other heads of house would all be sequestered together, apart from her. This she felt was perfect, as it afforded her an opportunity to listen directly to the daily activities of those within the family closer to her own age.
“Tomorrow shall mark a new beginning.” She over heard her great grandmother. She regarded her great grandmother’s comment as though her great grandmother already knew what was going to be taking place.

“Tomorrow is indeed the start of a new beginning, Ma’am.” She stated openly. “Perhaps difficult for some, but definitely needed. As a Family, we will not make the same mistakes, as in the past.” Everyone looked up at her, and though they all wished to speak at once, her stare seemed to have silently stilled their thoughts. She finished her meal in silence as the others returned to exchanging small bits of information. She listened to several conversations but refrained from adding to the conversations as she found her mind jumping back and forth between the morning’s events. She also noted her sister and her driver, also refraining from adding to the exchanges at the table. She rose from the table and departed with out a backward glance.
“The past shall remain in the past.” She projected to her sister. “Meet me in the chapel.”
“Wass-up?” her sister responded in her mind.
“We have much to do this afternoon.” She responded back. Her driver walked quietly beside her as they headed for the chapel. She found a detail from the black house guarding several trolleys laden with heavy books outside the chapel and the sound of floor boards being hammered back into place. Several of the books had a layer of mould on the leather covers, wrapping the books. Her sister looked in horror at the condition of the volumes.

“I can see I have some restorations to do, starting this afternoon.” Her sister stated. The guards snapped to attention and waited.
“Escort my sister and these books to the Library.” She commanded quietly. “I trust they were all found?”
“Yes Ma’am.” The guard commander responded, and motioned her detail to begin transporting the books to the library. Her sister departed close behind the guards, as they whisked the trolleys away. She waited patiently within the chapel, as the remaining work on the floor was completed.
“You have a task, Ma’am?” Her great aunt quietly asked her. She pondered silently a few moments longer while raising her hand to acknowledge her aunt’s question.
“The Grey House has long been without the proper recognition it deserves.” She stated. “They are Family and are often treated as mere servants.”
“I know this Ma’am, But it is their station to serve.” Her great aunt rebutted.
“Beginning this afternoon, design architecture will begin on a Tower to be built between the hall and the main garages.” She softly commanded. “You have five days to prepare the concept for presentation.”
“Five days, Ma’am?” her great aunt replied. She noted the hesitance of her great aunt.
“Yes, five days.” She responded. “After that, the Orange House will work with the family gentlemen to draft the necessary plans to begin construction.”
“When do you wish construction to be started?” her great aunt politely asked.
“Construction is to commence in one month.” She softly commanded.
“But Ma’am, it is impossible to be ready in so little time.” Her great aunt pleaded.
“What ever resources you require, you will have.” She retorted. “The tower for the Grey House will be my Christmas present to them.”
“And completed in less than a year?” her great aunt began to protest. “Impossible!”
“You have your task.” She spoke in a manner reminiscent of her great grandmother.
“B-But, Ma’am.” Her great aunt began to plead once again.

“Your own House is dangerously close to being relocated to the existing dormitories near the stables.” She projected sternly at her great aunt.
“Y-Yes, Ma’am” her great aunt trembled. “Five days from today the presentation will be ready.”
“Your task is singularly important as the Grey House shall have a great need in the future.” She silently projected. She imparted a hint at the new tower’s importance.
“I-I understand completely, Ma’am.” Her great aunt replied. Her great aunt fled the chapel quickly and left her in solitude. Within her mind, she recanted the vision of a tower which once stood where she requested the new tower be built. The crucial intersection of two underground tunnels, and the remaining foundation stones hidden under the present road surface, told her how important this location was to the future defence of the estate.

“I thought I’d find you here.” Her sister mentioned. She looked up to see her sister standing in the chapel’s entrance.
“Please, join me.” She invited. Her thoughts mingled with her sister’s thoughts as she laid out the defence plans for the estate, and keep any at bay who might wish harm to the family.
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The Duchess When she awoke, she knew not what time it was. The light of the room was so intensely dark that nothing could penetrate more than a few inches. She wondered where she was. She sensed no movement in the room. She heard the click of a lock and the creak of a door hinge. She heard footfalls coming closer to her.
“Shield your eyes. I shall light a lamp.” She did as she was instructed. She heard a match being struck and heard the click of a lamp globe.
“Open your eyes and I will slowly raise the lamp.” She opened her eyes and slowly the image of her mother slowly came into focus.
“You gave us such a fright.” Her mother spoke quietly.
“What happened?” she spoke. “Where is everyone?”
“Quiet down. All is fine. Your sister is sound asleep next to you and your cousins have not been far from your side since you were brought here. I must say that you surprised us all.” Her mother spoke quietly. She looked beside herself and noticed her sister sound asleep beside her. She reached out and stroked her sister’s face. She looked down upon herself and noticed she was completely nude. The

Phoenix was gone from her thigh. There was no hint of the scar that had burned so deeply before.
“As soon as you collapsed the scars faded from all of you. Her mother spoke softly. “As did my own and everyone else’s. But you and your sister have been asleep for almost a week.”
“How is she?” she asked.
“Your sister is fine. She’s been asleep much like you have been. We had you brought here to keep you hidden from prying eyes.” Her mother spoke.
“But what happened? All I remember was a voice inside my head. It was so cruel and evil.” She spoke.
“I know what you went through. I failed to resist the voice. The curse we have all tried to break has finally been broken.” Her mother spoke.
“But what happened?” she asked.
“Relax, and listen.” Her mother spoke.” It is that voice that belonged to an evil man.

I must tell you a part of the family history, that no one is allowed to learn, but one. The volumes, which contain the facts, I have to tell you are not held for everyone to read. Much like the great book has only one key. I am the keeper of these other books. Something trusted to me, and until recently, was going to be your sister’s station. That was until you were born. As I have recently found out, the only time I was ever able to not be a slave to my body was when I had you and your sister growing inside of me. I risked considerable faith that I could accomplish having you and your sister born so close together. If you recall, your sister and yourself are only ten months apart. You were born on the same day, as our great ancestor was, the first Grand Duchess herself.
“But what happened?” she asked again.

The Grand Duchess happened to be most unfortunate to have caught the attention of the man whose voice you last heard.” Her mother spoke softly. “She married him, yes as was the custom of the time. But found he turned after their courtship from an absolute gentleman into a jealous man who drove her away from him. Where but for only marked occasions he had locked her away, imprisoned in the room you are in now. Her husband had been merciful to her at first, but he turned her into a slave and prisoner in her own home. She found solace with the man she had longed to marry, but had been forbidden. Her Husband had a sage brought from a distant land and cursed her to be a slave to her body. She could deceive him when she learned that she could control herself when she carried children within herself. She secretly had her lover brought to her, but they were found. The Duke took his final revenge upon her by drawing the curse upon himself, and forever linking the two of them together. The Duchess took from him the one thing he wanted most, a son. Forever and all after, the curse ensured only daughters were born. The Duchess, wanting her daughters not to share her fate, found the sage to be sympathetic. She learned that the curse could be lifted for only a short while if she begged for her husband to give her children once more. The Duke had the sage cast one last curse, but it was at a great price. He cast the curse upon her while a daughter grew inside of her. And the Duchess found the curse also imprisoned him in the very room, which we keep secret and sealed. When you were born, it was hoped you would be the Duchess’ heir.

When you began to mature, it became very apparent how much you resembled the Duchess. We found your younger years to be a great challenge. The voice seemed to call to you often, but it was held at bay. Your youth protected you, until that day when you and your cousins foolishly entered the sealed room. In order to keep him from breaking free of his prison, we had to allow him to enslave the five of you. The mark of the Phoenix was placed upon the five of you and once he scared you all, we separated the five of you and ensured that you never set foot together within the hall. How your scar made you suffer. It was discovered later that your sister had taken a Phoenix upon herself and hid herself while the ritual was performed. Your sister took half of what was your share. While she suffered nothing, you suffered for the two of you. But that act bound the two of you together. What you felt, she felt. But it was found you did not share everything. You each took parts. While you could feel the sensations, you did not receive pleasure from it. The voice never knew this. Your sister took the enslavement, and you were able to resist it fully. It was your complete defiance of the voice that allowed you to break the curse and free all of us from him. Though we are still slaves to our bodies, we are no longer enslaved to him. Your wedding day was the beginning of the final proofs needed to lead you to what you accomplished. You were meant to find the strength. Your resistance was of your choosing, not his, nor anyone else. It is your resistance and final defiance that banished him completely as the Duchess’ curse was meant to do, but had failed. You have broken the curse.

“I know, mother. I know it all. While I was joined to him, just before that evil voice left I learned everything. He loved her dearly, but his jealousy drove him to madness. I sensed it. I love my husband as I can love no other. His madness could not take that from me. I know the Grand Duchess also felt the same way about her forbidden love. He could not take that from her either.” she spoke softly.
“You have indeed done well.” Her mother spoke.
“I am curious though. My ring was her ring, isn’t it?” she asked.
“How did you know?” her mother asked.
“Because I remember when I had the rings made for my wedding. I was not supposed to have seen it but the goldsmith was careless. I noticed the invoice for the rings. It included one ring for a cleaning. You had my ring switched with the Duchess’ ring.” She spoke softly.
“I always knew you were too cleaver for your own good.” Her mother spoke.
“But, mother. It was a very good thing. The love symbolized by that ring was that of an undying love. The love between the Duchess and her forbidden lover was reborn on my wedding day, the moment my husband placed the ring upon my finger.” She spoke softly, almost whispering.
“You are indeed with wisdom beyond your years.” Her mother spoke.
“Is everyone still here?” she asked.
“Everyone waits for you.” Her mother told her.
“I wait for my sister, and we shall enter the great hall together.” She whispered.
“But your cousins will not wait any longer. They have waited long enough for you to reawaken.” Her mother spoke.
“Then they must come and we shall all wait together.” She announced. She snapped her fingers and the lights of the room blazed. Her mother sat unable to comprehend. It was not possible. She knew then, that in her daughter, the power that had been cursed from all of them was now returned.
“Until we are reborn, mother. We are now.” She announced. She snapped her fingers once more and her cousins appeared before her. Her cousins looked completely shocked. Moments before they had been at opposite ends of the great hall. They could not believe they were now standing together.

“Questions later, I need your help. We must combine our strength and summon my sister to awaken from her slumber. Her sleep is not natural. Think of my sister together with us and summon her back.” She spoke silently. Her thoughts reached out to her cousins and they in turn reached out to her sister. She heard her sister’s voice beside her moments later.
“I love you. All of you. We have finally taken back what was stolen from us. From all of us.” Her sister spoke. They all felt the sensation flow through themselves. In turn they reached out to all the family. They all felt the presence of every family member and where they all were. Those who were not in the great hall would soon join them. The Duchess had commanded them. She commanded them. She finally realised what her station truly meant. She bound them all together. As they all descended from the Grand Duchess herself, The Duchess was reborn.

She sat and pondered the impact of the power that coursed through her.
“We are once as we once were. Though you may not believe me but welcome sisters. We are all sisters. The sanctity of wizardry and witchcraft flows within all of us again, as was meant to be, but the curse prevented.” She spoke quietly. She looked at all of them. Their faces told her of their complete disbelief.
“Witches?” Her mother asked.
“Yes, search within yourselves what you know is true. When you do, you will feel what I feel.”
“But how is it possible?” one of her cousins asked.
“Test it. Do you remember how we used to use the music room for Band practice?” she asked.
“We do!” they all replied.
“Think about one of the songs we used to practice. Imagine us in that room. Imagine your instruments once again in your hands. Think hard about the sound coming from the amplifiers. Concentrate.” She spoke quietly. “Close your eyes and hear my Voice.”
“Can you hear it in the darkness?
When you let yourself go.
I can heart it in my heart.
And I just, I just want to know.
What’s that sound?
Well it knocked me down.
I want to be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl.
Oh, What’s that sound?
It’s a heartache,
Heard around the world.
It calls and it calls.
Every boy and girl.
It’s a heartache
Heard around the world.
What’s that sound?” She sang to them.

“What’s that sound? What’s that sound…” they all sang with her. They opened their eyes and found themselves in the music room. They sang the song they all knew so well. The music flowed through them as though they had just learned it. They remembered when it was written and the endless talk of how they knew the words to write. They knew now why these particular words had come to them. The power returned to them and they realised their true potentials. “They looked at each other and struck the same chords of music. They knew what it was they needed to do

I met a man who would be king.
He had a dream to see forever
It was a promise in the dark.
It was a promise we made together.

I was a girl who would be queen
I didn’t know the cost of freedom
It was a secret he would share.
It was a world we both could believe in.

Some kind of hero
Catch me again I’m falling.
‘Cause I can hear you calling
It’s never enough, never enough,
Never enough… they all sang together.

I met a man who had no name.
He spoke the language of the spirit
He took a chance with heart and soul.
And with a laugh dared me to hear it.

I met a man who watched the stars.
He had the flame of rhyme and reason
It was a secret he would share.
It was the word we could believe in.

Some kind of hero
Catch me again I’m falling.
‘Cause I can hear you calling
It’s never enough, never enough,
Never enough… they all sang together.

I met a man who would be king.
He had a dream to live together.
It was a promise in the dark
But it was lost in the storm forever.

Now I’m standing here, all alone
I know the cost of freedom
It’s a secret we all can share.
And it’s a world we all can believe in…she sang to them.

Some kind of hero
Catch me again I’m falling.
Now and forever calling
And it’s never enough, never enough,
It’s never enough… No, no, no, no, no…
It’s never enough, never enough, and never enough.
Calling you back to us… never enough.

They sang together. They felt the presence of every single family member, close and far away. They beckoned them all to the hall.
“You all know now what I knew before we entered the room. To break the curse released us all. Just as the Grand Duchess carried a child within her, her daughters were also cursed. With it now broken we all share what we should have been born with. Use it well, and wisely. She snapped her fingers once again, and they appeared under the portrait.
“Take your places, and we shall wait for the rest to arrive.” She commanded them quietly. She clapped her hands together, then held them forward, her hands open. The hall filled with light from the torches on the wall. Those who were not with them already began appearing throughout the room, exactly in their places. Looks of confusion coupled with delight crossed their faces. She looked upon them all as the last empty space filled.
“Welcome sisters! I am glad to see you all heard us. Properly robe yourselves.” she spoke just loud enough for all to hear her. Colour suddenly filled the room. Black, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Grey, Violet, and Red. Beside her stood her sister on one side and her driver on her opposite side, both dressed in white robes.
“I think it’s time to call our husbands to stand with us.” She spoke. A wave of her hands and the gentlemen of the family appeared. Each of them stood shoulder to shoulder, lining the walls around the room. Each of them dressed in the same dark tuxedo.
“Welcome, gentlemen.” she spoke. “It has been 594 years since you’ve graced us with your presence during a robe ceremony. Where you now stand is your place of station. Remember whom you stand beside.” Clockwise around the room the men lined the hall. Her own husband stood last, as theirs was the last marriage to have taken place.
“Please sit.” She commanded quietly. She thought for a moment, and as though she sensed the thoughts of everyone, she spoke softly.
“Is there anyone among you who objects to our gentlemen being with us?” She announced. No one moved, though she still sensed apprehension for the men to have joined them.
“Speak now, or forever hold …” she started. Slowly, several of her older aunts began to rise. She noticed that they were all heads of the family houses. Her own grandmother rose to her feet. She looked beside her and noticed, her great grandmother had not risen.
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